38th GCSSEPM Foundation Perkins-Rosen Research Conference

The aim of the 38th Annual GCSSEPM Foundation Perkins-Rosen Research Conference is to understand the drivers for the observed C-T record and what this tells us about the carbon cycle and the Earth system. To do this we will (1) examine the C-T sections preserved across the Americas (Argentina to the Arctic); (2) provide a review of the climatic and oceanographic processes that drive the carbon cycle and C-T geological record; (3) provide the latest ideas on the tectonic and paleogeographic context in which these processes operated during the C-T; (4) provide the most recent research on the stratigraphic record of the C-T and how well constrained, or not, this is. The meeting will target successions in diverse depositional basins with varied tectonic histories and different oceanographic settings along this south to north transect. This examination of how the fundamental stratigraphic controls interact to influence facies variability, including organic carbon enrichment, should shed light on this exceptional and important period of the geological record when large volumes of organic carbon were being sequestered, at least locally, from the biosphere into the geosphere. This will provide an excellent opportunity to apply learnings and data from the petroleum industry to better understand the Earth system, especially the carbon cycle.
12/5/2022 8:00 AM - 12/7/2022 5:00 PM
Central Standard Time
Equinor US 2107 CityWest Blvd, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77042 UNITED STATES

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